3 Tips to Grow Your Writer Platform with Twitter

Getting Started

Earlier, I mentioned that Twitter had been my best social media investment for building my platform so far. I created my Twitter account in early December, and as of right now I have 226 followers. That is small potatoes in the Twitterverse, but after 3 years of blogging in my old life, I never reached those kinds of numbers. Not even close.

So in a month, I have the attention of more people than I did in three years with my blog. I wish Twitter had been around back then!

In this brief time on Twitter, I have already learned a few things that I hope will help you, too.

The point of Twitter is to interact with others, sharing things you find interesting and helpful.  (Or to occasionally go on a rant :-)) If you want to have followers, you have to get out there so you can be found. Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Curate

Part of Twitter’s beauty is that you can just create your account in a few clicks, and moments later, you interact with other Tweeters by replying, favoriting and retweeting their posts. This is a quick and easy way to start building community, because helping others promote their posts is a good way to get them to follow you back or mention you in a tweet.

Search Twitter using the box at the top using keywords, hashtags or names to find people and content that interest you. (They even have an Advanced Search here.)

2. Create

Finding great tweets from others to share is good, but you need to post original content of your own, too. Let your personality show, but be consistent with your brand voice. If your blog is going to be “professional,” quoting Stewie from “Family Guy” is probably going to confuse your followers. Use your tweets to direct readers to your own blog or website, share any promotions or products you have, or even plug a friend. But don’t be spammy!

3. Automate

I had email notifications turned on for EVERYTHING in Twitter. Each time I got a new follower email, I checked out their Twitter profile, read a few tweets, and decided if I wanted to follow them or not.

That lasted about three days.

I was buried with emails by then, and knew that I was going to have to devise a better plan. I needed to automate my follows, unfollows and tweets. I’ll dive into those tools in another post, but I don’t think you can be successful on Twitter without at least a little automation.

If you are like, “What’s Twitter?” or you truly don’t know where to start, here are some links that I found helpful for the very basics of Twitter. Enjoy!

Welcome to Twitter from Twitter Support

5 Beginner Twitter Tips for Businesses from AddThis

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter by Michael Hyatt

Twitter Tips for Beginners by Jeff Goins

If you are on Twitter, let me know who you are and we’ll connect! I am @evsloane. Happy tweeting!


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