Meet Evangeline

Hey. I’m Evangeline, a fiction writer trying to build a platform, and I am starting at ground zero.

I’ve always had the dream of seeing my name on the spine of a book, even as a grade-school girl. I didn’t take it seriously, writing sporadically over the years. Somehow, my words got published in small spaces here and there. It was enough to make me say, “See? You are a good writer,” but it wasn’t like being on that dust jacket.

I woke up one morning as a forty-year-old still looking for her purpose, feeling like I had missed something important.

Let’s skip the back story and just say I have a problem with finishing well.

Turning forty made me say, “Screw that! What was I thinking?”

I used NaNoWriMo 2014 as a challenge to kick this writing thing back in gear. It took me on a 50,000-word ride that left my hair blowing in the wind behind me while I shouted “Hell, yeah!” at the top of my lungs.

So, here I am, hoping that an editor might give me a shot.  I know that today I need a platform to pull this thing off, and I don’t have one. Many of you hopeful authors don’t, either. This blog is where we will start to change that.

Join me every week as I share the view from this non-existent platform, growing from an unknown writer with zero platform to a published author with a little bit of street cred. I’ll share what I learn as I go, and hopefully I’ll find a merry band of travelers to accompany me on the journey.

Are you in?

Pick your poison in the sidebar, getting my posts by email, following on WordPress, and plug into what I’m doing via your favorite social media channels.

Let’s start building a platform!


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